The Story Behind This Beautiful Ravi Zacharias Oil Painting Will Take Your Breath Away

As believers around the world still mourn the death of Ravi Zacharias, one artist has been inspired by the faith leader and apologist to paint a tribute.

Melissa Dougherty took to YouTube to document her personal tribute to the man she calls, “ one of the greatest apologists of our time.” After finding out about Ravi’s cancer diagnosis online, Melissa prayed about what she could paint to honor the man who has made such an impact in the lives of so many.

“I was painting when I heard. I immediately went online and started reading about his diagnosis, and listening to his last talks and sermons. I prayed to God for healing,” wrote the woman who says she normally expresses herself through art. “I also wanted to express my gratitude to this man for His work in spreading the Gospel and giving a louder ‘voice’ to apologetics… But what to paint?”

Melissa found her answer on Facebook.

“One day, I was scrolling through Facebook, and landed on Ravi’s Facebook page. I saw an incredible photo uploaded to Ravi’s Facebook cover photo of him and his wife walking in a park down a path,” the artist wrote. “It struck me… This…THIS… is what I’m painting. But this wasn’t just any ordinary discovery or inspiration.”

Before being inspired to create a piece for Ravi, Melissa painted a similar piece for a friend whose grandfather recently passed away.

“Her Grandfather had passed away, and there was a lovely photo they had of him and his wife walking down the road in the same pose from behind. Except they had their arms around one another,” she wrote. “So I took the image and made a concept: He’s going down one path, the final one. But she can’t go where he’s going yet and must go down another.”

Melissa noted that Ravi unapologetically preached the Gospel with class, dignity, and most importantly- love. Instead of focusing on him losing a cancer battle, she found joy in knowing that he has been healed in heaven.

“He lost his battle with cancer. But did he really lose,” she asked before providing a profound revelation. “Ravi *is* healed. He’s whole again, walking with Jesus. And he gets to hear what all of us long to hear… ‘Well done my good and faithful servant.'”

Check out the sped-up version of Melissa’s six hour session as she worships and listens to Ravi Zacharias’ sermons:

What makes the moment even more touching is the fact that Melissa will be able to send the painting to Ravi’a family. She shared the good news on social media.

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Praise God 🙏❤️🙌 To Him be all the glory ☝️

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What did you think about Melissa’s worship painting? Let us know in the comments.


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