Pastor Michael Todd Says This Is The Biggest Thing You Need To Know About Relationships After Book Release

In a candid conversation about his new book, “Relationship Goals” Pastor Michael Todd is sharing the biggest thing he wants people to know about relationships.

“I think the biggest thing you need to know about relationships is that it’s God’s intention for you to be in relationships whether it’s romantic, business partnerships, family– you’re supposed to be in relationship,” he said  on his Represent TV YouTube channel

When setting relationship goals, Todd explained that a goal is a till target that we can aim for. 

“The thing with a lot of our relationships is that they happen not intentionally, they happen just because (of) what’s going on around us. But what if all of your relationships were based off of something that didn’t  change,” he questioned. “I believe that is the word of God.See culture and the world are a moving target and people are trying to aim at things.”

He spoke about standards for relationships changing throughout time. Marriages and business relationships looked different in the ‘60s than they did in the ‘80s and today.  

“What marriage was in the ‘60s it’s not  today. What business partnerships were in the ‘80s, it’s not today,” “But the word of God is everlasting and I think it’s given us a playbook for everybody to win in relationships. I’m telling you no matter where you’re at, no matter what’s going on, God wants you to win in relationships.”

The pastor and author said he believes his new book is a, “playbook to help you in whatever stage of life you’re in. I want to help you win in relationships.”

Check it out here.

Check out the full Represent TV conversation with Sam Collier below:


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