‘I Still Believe’ Movie Bringing People To Faith During Pandemic

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A global pandemic didn’t stop the film “I Still Believe” from accomplishing its mission.

Jon Erwin, one of the movie’s writers and directors who has also released popular faith-based films “Woodlawn” and “I Can Only Imagine,” says people have been developing relationships with Jesus Christ after watching “I Still Believe.”

“We keep hearing stories of people coming to faith in Christ or being encouraged by the movie or finding hope while watching the movie,” Erwin told Christian Headlines recently. “I’m glad we got the movie out.”

The movie follows the true story of contemporary Christian music singer Jeremy Camp, who has to lean on his faith to overcome the health issues that his young wife struggled with. The film was released in theaters on March 13 before the coronavirus swept the U.S. and forced movie theaters to close one week later.

While the turn of events were unexpected, Erwin says it ties in with the movie’s themes. 

“Life is full of things that you can’t control and things that don’t go according to plan,” Erwin, the film’s co-director, told Christian Headlines. “The whole theme of the movie is ‘I Still Believe even when I can’t see.’ It’s sort of fitting.”

You can buy “I Still Believe” on DVD, Blu-ray or stream it here.

Check out the trailer below:


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