A$H X Skeeno Music Respond to COVID-19 With a Powerful “Amen” (Watch)

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Finding the right words to pray can be challenging in tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic, but two talented singers are giving us a new song that may help.

In their collaboration, “Amen” New York City singers A$H and Skeeno Music deliver a mix of soul, R&B and gospel music in a melodic prayer to the Lord. With “Grace” t-shirts on, the pair remind us of the power of prayer, repentance and facing the difficulties of life head on.

“With so much going on the world is truly looking for an answer.. God is the Answer,” says a message posted on the pair’s YouTube video. “The duo hopes that this song will ignite you to dig a little deeper in search of your relationship with God..He is still listening during times like these.” 

Check out the video and let us know what you think:

You can stream “Amen” on Skeeno’s EP, “Progression” on Apple Music and Spotify. Find out more about the Bronx native here or follow him on IG and YouTube.

A$H has a new EP called “Soul Songs” that is streaming everywhere. Find out more about the Brooklyn native here   or on  IG.

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