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Aaron Cole is giving us two new songs that appeal to our R&B sensibilities for different reasons.

The rapper, singer, songwriter and producer is flexing his vocal chops on “Only You” featuring rising singer Terrian and “Forever Grateful.”

“Only You” is the stuff that classic R&B duets are made of and could easily rise to the top of any mainstream hip hop and R&B station. But instead of professing all consuming love for each other, Aaron and Terrian sing about their love for the source of all life.

Life, it don’t get easy

but it’s better when you’re with me

tried to put my faith in people

but there really ain’t no equal,” Aaron sings.


Press play and don’t be ashamed if you have to run it back a few times:



In the mid-tempo “Forever Grateful” Aaron flexes on the track with a melodic flow and relatable lyrics.  Instead of leaning on the bravado that we hear in a lot of hip hop and R&B songs, the Virginia native is reminding us that he is not responsible for all of his success.


“Couldn’t come this far man just by grindin 

if i said i did it myself than i’ll just be lying 

you showed me what it means to be faithful 

oh yea,” he sings.

Check it out:

Are you adding these two songs to your playlist? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!


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