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The grieving process isn’t easy for countless people coping with the loss of George Floyd, another black man brutally murdered by white police officers abusing their power.

For creatives, making art during these tough times can serve as a form of therapy that helps us process our pain. Here are seven people expressing their pain, prayers and anger about the recent tragedy deeply rooted in racial injustice:

  1. KeVon Carter

The comedic musician and his popular keys find a way to blend his brand of humor with the serious situation at hand. Check out how he educates us about injustice: 

2. Aaron Cole 

Aaron Cole doesn’t hold back as he spits bar after bar of raw emotion, giving the world a glimpse of what it feels like to deal with being a young black man living in the U.S. 


3. Itstaylormade

Itstaylormade is putting her heart on the track, “Give Some Love” as she sings a call of action for people to be more loving in the face of injustice.


4. Erica Mason

Erica Mason wrote these vulnerable rhymes for the people like her who feel tired and in pain after dealing with the constant racial injustices that are still plaguing black communities. 


5. Myriam The Yearning

With the help of her guitar, Myriam The Yearning sings a Haitian worship song, calling out for Jesus to take the burdens of her community. 


6. Keedron Bryant

Keedron is singing his heart out, crying for the people in his community being killed while asking God for protection. Check out the 12 year old winner of the “Little Big Shots” competition series:  


7. Fern

Fern wrote these bars for people struggling to express just how much the George Floyd death reflects trauma of past, present and fears of future injustice. Check out his verse and powerful visuals:

(Photo: Lorie Shaull)

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