Korean Soul Releases Timely ‘Pray For the USA’ Clark Sisters Cover (WATCH)

The South Korean gospel quartet known as Korean Soul are offering their beautiful voices up in prayer in a heartwarming cover of the Clark Sisters classic, “Pray For the USA.”

The nation has been strained from months of battling the coronavirus and civil unrest stemming from racial injustice. Now, the quartet featuring  Young-J, Sooyong, Jifan and Shyun are teaming up with pianist, DUNK for this beautiful cover song.

In the video’s caption on YouTube, the group explains that the song is for all of the countries in the world suffering from the tragic loss of lives that we are facing today.

“This song is not only for the USA. Korea and the other countries in this world right now need prayers. Prayer changes,” the message says. “ Big shoutout to our great pianist of Seoul Chillun, DUNK!”

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Don’t forget to give the original Clark Sisters classic another listent:



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