Royce Lovett Performs Powerful Spoken Word Piece ‘I Don’t Know Justice’ (Watch)

Royce Lovett  is delivering five minutes of a powerful poem called “I Don’t Know Justice” that grapples with how to handle the search for justice and peace.

In it, he speaks about Peace, Justice and Silence like they’re people and gives us another perspective about how to handle them.

Well, I was told that I met her. I was told that Peace has been around but they must be confused.

Confused with Silence Perhaps.

In fact – I asked her.

I asked Silence and She said “Naw young man, Peace don’t live here

And I don’t even look like that queen.

She sings and carries a big sword with a smile so clean.

Her hair is natural and rings like bells

In heels she’s a little taller than Justice…”

Check the full powerful performance from the Tallahassee, Florida poet and musician:


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