Nigeria’s Cryomatic Releases EDM Album ‘Transient’ To Keep Us Dancing And Inspired

There’s EDM and then there’s Nigerian EDM. 

Cryomatic, the Nigerian Electronic Dance Music duo, is showing us why the world needs a taste of the Nigerian EDM scene with their debut album, “Transient.” If you need something to make you dance, this is it.

Transient takes all of our favorite parts of EDM, like the complextro and trance elements but fuses it with Afrobeats, Afro-pop, R&B and Hip-Hop transitions. Add that to inspiring messages delivered by the beautiful voices of Nigera’s Eclipse Nkasi, Kenya’s Bire and Tryenyse Jones from the U.S., and you get pure bliss.

According to a statement on Soundcloud,  Cryomatic says the debut project is “pushing the theme of hope and happiness especially in dark days because nothing is permanent, Life is TRANSIENT.”

 Check out a song from the album, “Moment In The Sun” ft Nanya Ijeh:

Want the full album? Press play for more of “Transient”:



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