5 Statement T-Shirts Worth Adding To Your Shopping Cart

Sometimes you don’t need to open your mouth to make a statement, you can just wear it on your t-shirt.

No matter what season you’re in, you can always use a statement tee or 10 in your wardrobe. Here are some brands and designs that may be worth checking out:

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Tap to shop if you approve of this declaration.

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We’re living in a tense social climate filled with racial injustice. In these moments, it’s important to speak boldly like with this declaration about black lives mattering to the church. If you’re ready to turn heads with a conversation piece, this could be a shirt for you .



When your life changes, you just want to tell everybody. Unfortunately everybody doesn’t always want to hear it. That’s where a shirt like this comes in handy.


We all need to keep our hope alive during the tough times so whether you’re wearing this shirt to remind yourself of that or inspire others, you can’t go wrong with this message of hope in a  ‘70s style design.


Newsflash, everybody isn’t going to be receptive to you telling them how much Jesus loves them. What they will do is read a shirt. Why not make sure it’s a fly shirt, like this one?

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Introducing our newest collection! We all need a little more faith, especially in this time. . . . This design has been sitting and waiting for over a year and a half, and I just felt like it needed to be shared with the world a few weeks ago, and took a leap of faith. It is here for you now, I believe it's the perfect time! God knew!🙏 . . . This is our 1st Unisex Collection and we cannot wait for all of you to enjoy it! . . . www.hellobeautyfullco.com #faithoverfear #faith #everyoneneedsfaith #choosefaith #christianapperal #graphictshirt #faithshirt #hellobeautyfull #hellobeauty #bekind #spreadkindness #spreadlove #fashion #style #styleblogger #growingidaho #tshirtdesign #tshirtshop #smallbusinessidaho #summerfashion

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It can be easy to give in to fear, so it’s important to never forget the importance of prioritizing faith in our life’s journey. This t-shirt is the perfect reminder to put faith and fear where they both belong.


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