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When legendary gospel music singers, Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark–Cole, joined OWN’s new series “Girlfriends Check In” their daughters joined in for some real talk about relationships.

Karen’s daughter and fellow powerhouse singer Kierra Sheard took part in the fun along with Dorinda’s daughter Nikki, to play some singing games and share some hilarious confessions. When the conversation turned to Karen’s recent 36 year marriage anniversary.

In celebration, she decided to drop some gems for her daughter and niece. After Kierra asked for some lessons that she’s learned along the way, her mother spoke about the importance of remaining friends and compromising in the face of a disagreement. 

“It’s so wonderful and smooth now even when we have our disagreements. I’ve learned to say, ‘You know what, ok I’m going to let you have your day today but that next argument I’m going to have my day and have my way,’” she said. “We get’s a pattern now. So it’s like, ‘ok you got your way last time so it’s my turn or his turn.’”

Dorinda also chimed in after being married for 42 years to her childhood sweetheart. According to the renowned vocalist and songwriter, learning about your spouse is important in a lasting marriage.

“We find out what he likes and what he don’t like. That’s the key,” she said. “..He has to learn you and you have to learn him.”

Check out the full conversation:  


To watch the full episode of “Girlfriends Check In,” click here.

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