Sarah Jakes Roberts Releases Visuals, Spoken Word Piece To Empower Us In The Rain (WATCH)

Sarah Jakes Roberts is reminding us not to let any rain stop our shine with some creative visuals and a powerful word that would earn a room full of snaps at a poetry slam.

The lighting, sound effects and editing in this video are worth paying attention to but the words that accompany the visuals are powerful. In the first half of this piece, Sarah, the co-pastor of The Potters House One LA who created the Woman Evolve multimedia ministry movement, gets real about the pressure and fear that we can feel when we’re caught in the rain.

The second half of this piece empowers and affirms us in our ability to overcome the rainy days that we will all inevitably face.

Let me stand in the rain and dare to never be the same

Let the rain water the best version of me until my roots take up space and i finally encounter God’s grace

Let the rain wash away all of my shame cleanse every wound and make me brand new

When I learn to confront the rain I don’t just do it for my name

I do it so my family can never be the same


A real woman can’t even bloom until she learns to stand in the rain

Check out the full piece:

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#womanevolve20 we learned to stand in the rain.

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