3 Things We’re Looking Forward To In Lecrae’s ‘Restoration’ Era

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It’s been two years since Lecrae’s last musical release, four since he’s given us the book Unashamed. Now the rapper, activist and author is dropping three projects back-to-back in the form of a documentary, album and book each titled “Restoration.”

Ahead of the big rollout that begins with the “Restoration” documentary on Aug. 14, followed by the “Restoration” album on Aug. 21 and “Restoration” book on Oct. 13, the creative mogul has been giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from his latest works. Here are a few things  that we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from Lecrae’s “Restoration” era:

  1. Watching How Lecrae Navigates The Relationship With His Estranged Dad 

For the first time, Lecrae says he let people into his home to film a documentary that will show us both behind the scenes album footage along with his personal life. One of the moments in his personal journey that we’re looking forward to seeing is how Lecrae navigates his relationship with his estranged father. In a Q&A session posted on YouTube, Lecrae revealed what people can expect.

I would say what I said in the doc is pretty much where we are to this day,” he says. “ My expectations for him are the same as they were after everything you (see).”

Everybody has to deal with people disappointing them. It will be interesting to see how Lecrae is able to overcome that after meeting with his father.

2. Hearing Lecrae’s Best Album Yet

If you’ve been rocking with Lecrae’s music for some time, then you know trying to label “Restoration” as his best work yet sets the bar pretty high. Well, that bar has been set.

“The album I think is my best work,” Lecrae says in his recent YouTube session. “Everybody says this is my best work..”

If that doesn’t excite you as a music lover, what will?

3. Reading The Details About How Lecrae Moved Past Hurt At The Hands Of Christians

It’s no secret that Lecrae has developed a contentious relationship with some members of the Christian community who did not agree with his activism in the face of racial injustice. Now, we’re going to be able to read about what the rapper dealt with behind-the-scenes.

“I talk about what happened to me. I talk about a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that happens in these Christian spaces,” he reveals. “I don’t want to mess up nobody’s faith but I see how the sausage is made from a high level and it’s dark. But God is the light in the darkness. So y’all will see what really went down.”

Check out everything Lecrae had to say about his road to “Restoration” and the three projects that he created from it:



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