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Jonathan McReynolds is gearing up to kick off a unique tour experience where he isn’t going to tour cities–but people.

You didn’t read that wrong. The singer-songwriter and musician will be presenting a thematic music experience called “Those People Virtual Tour” starting Oct 1. Each tour date is designed to cater to a specific type of person, focusing on the four categories of Passionate, Churchy, Free, and Deep people who exist around the world. 

“In the spirit of the album, this time we aren’t touring cities. We are touring people,” Jonathan says in a statement shared with Five:22 Culture. “Come to the shows that will make you feel like those people.”

Here is a breakdown of each date and the personality type they represent: 


Thursday, October 1 – 8:00PM EST

Passionate People

They are excited about making room for God. They are strong, they are sincere, and their worship always guarantees that God is always in their situation. Those people.. are passionate people.


Sunday, October 4 – 8:00PM EST

Churchy People

They might be new school most of the time, but nothing hits like a simple song about Grace. They can turn any day into a Sunday and praise God for all the things that he knows. Those people.. are churchy people.


Wednesday, October 7 – 8:00PM EST

Deep People

They know how to give God their full attention. They never stop thinking, they won’t stop learning until God makes a Cathedral out of them. Those people.. are deep people.


Saturday, October 10- 8:00PM EST

Free People

They might seem undignified, but God is the best thing that happened to them. They have no problem jumping, dancing, or Movin’ On. Those people.. are free people.

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