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Bible stories have more drama than a primetime television show. COVENANT, a new scripted show, is recreating four Biblical stories in the form of a dramatic one-hour anthology series.

“COVENANT” mixes modern situations with Bible stories. The result? A thrilling, suspenseful drama that people from all walks of life could find interesting.

What can we expect from COVENANT?

Kaye Singleton, an actress who has appeared on shows like “Saints & Sinners” and “American Soul” created COVENANT. The writer and actress revealed what we can expect from the show.

Covenant is Black Mirror meets The Watchmen with Bible roots. What I love about this series is how it takes stories that have been read, heard, and studied for centuries, and turns them completely on their heads with present-day issues and gripping drama that we all can relate to,” she said in a statement obtained by Five:22 Culture. “Every episode was approached with great care and attention to detail so that whether you’re familiar with the original stories or not, you can still binge and enjoy. I’m extremely grateful to the team at ALLBLK for the opportunity to share these stories with the world.”

ALLBLK is an AMC Networks’ streaming service that will house the new series which is scheduled to debut on Thursday, October 14. Each story will appear in two parts for a total of 8 weeks.

A breakdown of each episode:

Here’s what we can expect from each episode:

  • “The Promise” – In COVENANT’s pilot episode, we will see a contemporary reimagining of the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. In the Bible, an older woman named Sarah does not believe she will conceive a child naturally. She asks her servant to conceive a child in her place. The “Promise” is inspired by this story when a middle-aged woman experiences early menopause. She risks her marriage in order to give her younger husband a baby.
  • “The Vow” tells us the story of an arrogant, rebellious man with extraordinary abilities. We’ll see what happens when he steps into his destiny to save his people. 
  • In “The Retribution,” one loving husband wakes up from a coma to avenge his wife’s honor. He wakes up to discover that she was violated by someone he trusted. 
  • “The Enemy” features a deeply religious and controversial lawmaker as the main character. This lawmaker risks everything to help the community that he once tried to destroy. 

Nikki Love is the VP of Development and Production for ALLBLK. She believes the show will help viewers see the Bible from a new perspective.

“Part of the mission we aim to fulfill with our original programming slate is our commitment to producing bold, unique and imaginative storytelling,” said Love. “Kaye’s entertaining and thought-provoking approach to how she bridges faith and creativity in Covenant will have viewers interpreting lessons of the Bible from a whole new perspective.”

COVENANT contains some sensitive themes, content, and language, so viewer discretion is advised. For more information about the show and how to access it, click >>>here.<<<<

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