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Some people wear their heart on their sleeves while others put their faith on their face.

What does that mean? Who knows.

What we do know is that wearing face masks can help limit the spread of the nasty coronavirus sweeping through the world unexpectedly. While face masks aren’t exactly easy to come by these days, there are some Christian creatives and clothing brands that have been doing their part to help supply them.

Check out a few interesting face mask options from Christian brands:


During this global pandemic, we all could use some encouragement. With close to a dozen designs including phrases like “Hope,” “God Keeps His Promises” and “Faith Over Fear” written over solid black or burgundy masks, All Things By Faith is keeping people safe and inspired. 

Check out some more information about these masks here.


Blessed Lifestyle Co is pairing cool camouflage designs with variations of the word “blessed” on their face shields. These accessories cover more than just the nose and mouth, but also the upper neck which make them great to also use as neck warmers, headbands, bandanas and wristbands.

For more information click here.


If you’re a fan of the music from Hip Hop duo, the Social Club Misfits, chances are you know how dope their merch is. If not, there’s more reason to check it out with their online store, MISFIT.

A portion of the proceeds from the MISFIT face masks will be donated to the Vanderbilt Medical facility in Nashville, Tennessee. 

To check out these Misfit face covers, click here.

Have you tried out any of these masks or do you have some other great Christian masks to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


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