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By now, you’ve probably gone to a social media party or two. 

If not, you’ve at least heard of one, right? DJs have been spinning music for countless people tuned in to their live streams and playbacks on various social media platforms. 

Between the music, dancing and sense of community, DJs are proving that the party doesn’t have to stop just because you’re stuck inside quarantining. For believers looking for some great spirit-led music, Christian DJs are using their gifts to lift your spirits, get you off the couch and on your feet.

Check out these DJs that need to be playing at your next quarantine party:


DJ Shunz

Genre: Afrobeats, Reggae & Dancehall

Where to Find Her: Youtube 


This East London native spins at everything from weddings to turn ups at the  club. She isn’t letting a quarantine keep her away from the ones and twos. Shunz is keeping us dancing while praising God with an Afrobeats playlist that could rival anything on the radio right now.

Check her out below :


Mannie Fresh

Genre: Gospel fused with New Orleans bounce 

Where to Find Him: Sundays on Instagram



If you listened to anything but church music over the past 20 years, then you’ve probably heard of Mannie Fre-fre-f-fre-fresh. While he’s known more for cementing the sounds of Cash Money Records that took over the world of hip hop in the ‘99 and 2000, Mannie Fresh also spins gospel records every Sunday.

After attending your virtual church service, it may be worth bouncing on over to Mannie’s “Gospel Get Down” on Instagram to hear him remix some of your favorite gospel records with New Orleans bounce beats. 


DJ Black

Genre: Gospel Fusion

Where To Find Him: YouTube


When he’s not making beats, this Philly DJ is cooking up genre blending gospel music sets for us to dance to. DJ Black specializes in remixing Christian artists with hip hop, R&B, Neo Soul, House and LoFi music. 

Check him out below:



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