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We knew Jonathan McReynold was talented, anointed even. What we didn’t know is how hard he would come for us on his new EP, “People.”

If you haven’t listened yet or need someone else to compare feelings with, keep reading for eight ways Jonathan is shaking the doors of our quarantine shelters with his new project. Here are eight lessons we learned from Jonathan McReynolds “People” EP.

1. The “Best Thing” To Do Is Give Up Control

Right out of the gate, Jonathan has us analyzing our whole life with this mid-tempo song. His voice soothes us into reflection with lyrics like, “I find my life when I lose it in you. I gain control when I give it to you..”

Even before this global pandemic, we found ways to complicate our lives with everyday struggles. On “Best Thing,” Jonathan is reminding us about how powerful it can be to simply give our burdens and need for control to God.

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2. “People” Got Issues, But Then Again, So Do We

We were with Jonathan when he took the polite route, refusing to point out the people getting on his last nerve. (We heard you in the beginning of the song, you know who you are!)

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But if we’re being honest, the smooth sound of an acoustic guitar can’t hide the fact that he calls out the, “Loving and hating and opinionated, loners in basements and those congregated” a.k.a. ALL OF US! Just when we were refusing to accept the fact that he could be talking about us, the plot thickens.

Instead of blaming people for all of his issues, Jonathan takes accountability when he calls out “crazy, trolling, self righteous, entitled, hating, lying, disrespectful,” people. He ends by saying, “forgive me when I’m one of those people.” 

Ok Jonathan, maybe we’ll take a longer look in the mirror.

3. “Church People” NEED TO LET GO OF PEOPLE TOO 

So here we are, trying to recover from the realization that we need to stop blaming people long enough to grow within ourselves when Jonathan decides to have a church service for close to two minutes with Pastor Mike Todd delivering a good word and The Walls Group ushering in the Holy Spirit with their harmonies.

“The truth is, hurt people hurt people, but God is going to deliver you from every person who disappointed you, the one who damaged your perspective,” Pastor Mike says. “Today you’re letting them go.”

At this point of the program, we’re ready for an altar call.

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4. God Can Make A “Cathedral” Out of Us, In Spite Of Our Brokenness


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So this is where things get really real. Jonathan seems to be baring his heart on the song “Cathedral” that plays like a prayer to God. By expressing his vulnerabilities in such a simple way on the song, we can’t help but to get on our knees and ask God to make a Cathedral out of us too.

This song encourages us to strip our ego and simply sing to God, “Take this lump of clay and build yourself a place in it.”

Ok, we’re officially all in with this EP and ready to dig deeper.

5. It’s Time We Start “Movin’ On”

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You hear the moving trucks in the beginning right? At least that’s what those beeps sound like. Jonathan isn’t playing when he says, “I’m getting older, so I’ll keep it straight. It hurts to let go, but it hurts more to stay.” Then when Mali Music comes on to add that funk and soul to the track, we’re ready for them to take us to church and the cookout after.

We can’t help but get up and dance while we let go of the things not serving us.

More importantly, we realize it’s time to let go of the past things that got in the way of us serving God.

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Sidebar: Did you catch Mali’s bars at the end? Yea, we had to play that back about 5 times too.

6. MORE Inviting God Into A


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Are you tired of getting frustrated about unanswered prayers? You’re in good company.

It seems like Jonathan could be there too when he sings, “I ask for things that I think that I need, I get frustrated when You disagree.”

We can relate. But instead of asking for things, the singer gives us another option. 

We can invite God into our situations, and let Him take over instead of our desires. Ok, we hear you Jonathan. Color us convicted. 

7. Even If The World Doesn’t Know Your Story,

“God Knows”

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This song, my friends, is what we call a testimony. You know that good old fashioned testimony that makes you break down in an ugly cry?

Yea that one. The world may not know your struggles or your sacrifices but Jonathan reminds us, “When all the doors were closing, He made a way.

And He’s done so much for me that my words can’t say.”

If that’s not a testimony worthy of praise, what is?

8. God’s “Grace” Really Is More Than Enough

Video Premiere: Jonathan McReynolds' 'The Way That You Love Me ...

So we may not have everything we want with more than enough reasons to worry during these troubling times. But, Jonathan is reminding us of how grateful we are for the unmerited favor of God.

Now let’s talk about that piano on the song “Grace” and that choir with their harmonies. What about that high note that we can’t hit quite like Jonathan?

They’re a powerful reminder that we would be lost without the Grace of God.

If you’re slipping and haven’t checked out the Jonathan McReynolds EP, “People” yet, we got you. Check out his visual EP below:


Drop a comment and let us know what you thought about this EP!


  1. This is beautiful… PEOPLE is beautiful… JM is a blessing and you are too, reading this one will get the message(s) from the songs without even listening to the songs yet💕

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