Todd Dulaney Ready To Reach The World With This Virtual Worship Experience

Todd Dulaney is gathering the world together for a virtual worship experience. 

The singer who is known for worship songs like “The Anthem” will be streaming The DULANEYLAND Experience on Friday, May 22, an event that will also air on Africa’s DStv. 

Dulaney will lead worship for the experience that will enable people from Africa, the U.K. , the U.S. and more to join the event that will be hosted by Robert Kayanja Ministries. Dulaney shared his heart for the event in an Instagram video.


“When I first started doing this, all I wanted was to reach the world with worship [and] gather the world in worship,” he said. “This is my finest moment for me to be able to have the world in one place.”

You can join The DULANEYLAND Experience on Friday May 22 at 2PM EST/1PM CST/9PM GMT. For more information, check out Dulaney’s Facebook here.

Check out his “Back To The Book” EP here and his powerful “Psalm 23” song below:



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