Anita Loves Reminds Us Of Our “Worth” With This Afrobeats/Reggae Sound (Listen)

If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say about your worth?

Anita Loves writes that letter to young girls in her new song, “Worth” as a reminder not to find their identity on the gram or in a man. The singer explains the concept in a statement posted to her YouTube page. 

An ode to her younger self, Anita talks to the young girl seeking identity, affirmation and love,” the song’s description says. “Pointing her away from the world, social media and relationships, and back towards the Lover of her soul; the only One who truly defines her worth – Jesus.”

If the message isn’t enough to convince you to listen to the track, her beautiful voice riding the beat produced by HappiMusic should be enough motivation. This tune reminds us of the perfect mix of reggae and afrobeats that lets us flex both our vocal chops and dancing skills.

Check it out:


For more information about Anita Loves, check her out on Instagram.

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