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Did you ever want to try every chocolaty and brightly colored cereal in the grocery store aisle, but you weren’t allowed?

No? Just us?

Singer Jamie Grace and her athlete husband Aaron Collins decided to do us a solid and try all of the most popular breakfast cereals from the ’90s. Whether you need a dose of nostalgia or an idea of what to eat for breakfast this week, you won’t want to miss Part 1 and Part 2 of this couple’s hilarious dive into a bowl of some interesting breakfast cereal.

Some of our favorite parts are:

Aaron’s reaction to Frosted Mini Wheats

“It tastes like I’m chewing hay. I ain’t no horse! … I swallowed it, and I’m still eating it, let that sink in.”

Jamie Grace’s First bite of Apple Jacks  

Jamie Grace was convinced that Apple Jacks deserved a 2 out of 5, her husband believed it deserves a perfect score.

“I’m a little bit upset that you’re attracted to me, and you like that,” she says. 

Two very different reactions to Cocoa Pebbles 

Cocoa Pebbles had this couple calling out to God for two very different reasons. 

“My God, why have you forsaken me,” Jamie Grace asked.

If you’re ready to watch the cereal haul you never knew you needed, watch Part 1 and Part 2 of these videos below.

Tasting 90’s Kids Cereal | Jamie Grace ft. Aaron

Tasting 90’s Kids Cereal | Round 2 | Jamie Grace ft. Aaron

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