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Brandon Lake is beyond busy as a worship pastor in South Carolina, a member of the renowned Bethel Music collective, and the award-winning group of musicians known as the Maverick City Music. 

Somehow, he’s found the time to devote his talents to another worship band, Tribl. The rising band coming out of the Tribl Records imprint that birthed the platinum-selling Maveric City Music, is bringing a new sound to the masses through a number of prophetic voices and young leaders.

Brandon helped produce Tribl’s recent debut album with Tribl Records CEO Tony Brown and John Jay. Despite all of his other commitments, Brandon says it’s easy for him to pour his time and talents into this emerging group.

“God never meant for us to do life alone. We were created for relationships, family, to be a part of a (Kingdom) tribe,” Brandon said in a statement shared with Five:22 Culture. “That’s why it’s so easy for me to devote time, tears, and energy into this tribe of young leaders and prophetic voices. I think you’ll find the sound of family, the sound of love, the sound of Kingdom in this brilliant and diverse volume of songs.”

Tribl consists of members, Ryan Ofei, Cecily, Nate Díaz, Melody Adorno, Laila Olivera, Tianna Horsey, Jessica Hitte, Monroe Moore, Siri Worku, and Marián Adigun who wrote and arranged the project. Their debut album “Tribl 1” is a collaboration with a number of other Maverick City Music artists like Lake and other renowned singers like Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, Brandon Lake, Joe L Barnes, and Aaron Moses. 

If you’ve watched Maverick City Music on YouTube, chances are you’ve seen them on the Tribl music channel. According to Tribl Records CEO Tony Brown, the musicians are so much more than just a group.

“Tribl is more than a group of individuals or space, it’s the point of genesis for a new sound redefining what worship music looks and sounds like for many,” Brown shared.

The new album, Tribl 1, recorded live in Atlanta, is available now wherever music is sold and streamed. Check out Tribl’s first single “Still Holy” below.

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