5 Things You Need To Know About Jill Scott Playing An Angel In Lifetime’s “Highway To Heaven”

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Jill Scott is flexing her acting chops in the upcoming Lifetime movie “Highway To Heaven.” 

The first look trailer gives us a glimpse of her role as an angel helping people experience the miraculous. Here’s what we know about the upcoming film:

1. It’s a Remake

“Highway To Heaven” once graced small screens in the ‘80s as a t.v. series starring the late Michael Landon. While the series will be represented as a film, the trailer shows us that the contemporary take on the iconic t.v. show won’t stray too far from the original plot about an angel being sent to help those in need.

“Just like the original series, Lifetime wishes to retain the same messages of hope and encouragement for its audience, while exploring social and emotional issues with sensitivity, joy, and humor,” Lifetime networks revealed in a statement.

2. Jill Scott Won’t Be The Only Familiar Face On Screen

If you like inspirational t.v. shows, then chances are you’ve heard about the show “7th Heaven” that had an impressive run throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s. Barry Watson played Matt, the archetypal big brother on the show. Now, he’s all grown up and joining the “Highway To Heaven” cast as junior high school principal Bruce Banks.

3. Jill Scott’s Character Breakdown

We’re used to Jill Scott’s infectious smile, powerful vocals, and the depth of her lyrics. We’ve even watched her in movies where she’s made us laugh and cry. Now, we get to Jilly from Philly play an actual angel who warms our hearts and inspires us on screen.

In “Highway To Heaven” Ms. Scott is taking the lead role as Angela Stewart, an angel who is sent back to earth where she takes on the career path of a temporary school counselor. We’ll see her help a grieving family through the loss of their matriarch and so much more.

Jill is also doing more than acting in this film. She’s listed alongside Rain Productions and Propagate as an executive producer.

4. Michael Landon’s Estate Is Producing This Film

Michael Landon was all over television screens in the ‘80s in shows like “Bonanza,” Little House on the Prairie, and ..you guessed it “Highway to Heaven.” He tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer in the early ‘90s making the show one of his last projects.

His wife, Cindy Landon and his estate will be producing the new version coming to Lifetime, which is honoring the legacy that the late actor and producer created.

5. We’re Getting More Than One Movie

While the Lifetime movie is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, November 6 at 8/7, the network is making it clear that this is just the first installment. Check out the trailer for the first installment of “Highway to Heaven” below:

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