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With 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone, Lecrae is going to deal with some social media critics.

In an exclusive interview with Five:22 Culture some months ago, the rap mogul and author explained his method for dealing with the madness that can make social media feel like a mess.

While Lecrae admitted to having to build up to a place of being mentally healthy on social media, he explained some of the techniques that helped him get there.

“I’ve got some techniques and tools where it’s like, okay, ignore the critics, engage the curious and answer the needy, that’s kind of my philosophy. 

A lot of times people are just critical,” he said. “They’re never there when something good happens. They don’t support you and once when you do the right thing, they’re only there when something negative happens…that’s not somebody who genuinely cares about you.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that some people don’t genuinely appreciate the healthy dialogue that Lecrae invites on his social media platform. 

“There’s some curious people..this is the reason why I do it because there’s always a Nicodemus in the crowd who comes to you at nighttime like, ‘hey man so what you were saying about race, can you break that down a little further?’” Lecrae shared with Five:22. “Those people are always there. And so I do it for them.”

Watch our full conversation with Lecrae below where we talk about everything from substance abuse to his life-changing book, “I Am Restored,” politics, social justice and so much more!

When you’re finished watching this interview, check out his latest book “I Am Restored” by clicking on the picture below.

You can also follow Lecrae’s journey by clicking HERE.

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