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We’re seeing a different side of Brandon Lake in his new music video, “HELP!”

The video has a dark and gritty tone that matches the battle cry in his lyrics. With next-level lighting and an emotional performance, Brandon isn’t playing around in his new video.

It’s the lead single for his latest album, HELP!, which comes out May 13.

Brandon is getting real on the album where he sings through the fight against anxiety and depression.

“In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced more opportunity to cave under the weight of anxiety and depression,” he said in a statement shared with Five:22 Culture. “I believe it’s important that we are real, honest, and raw about the mental battles we face—that we bring them into the light so God can remind us of who He is and who we are.”

Honest songs are important but so are warfare songs, says the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. 

“We also need warfare songs to come against those attacks that try and keep us from being everything God wants us to be and from living truly free,” Brandon said. “Freedom has been purchased, but we need reminders that it is our inheritance and the reality we can live in daily through Him who set us free.”

Watch Brandon’s latest video for “HELP!”:

Want to know the inspiration behind this wild song that Brandon calls the truest and realest song for him? Watch this:

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