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Have people ever looked at you crazy because of your faith journey?

Wande knows what that feels like. In her new single, “They Didn’t Know II” the Nigerian-born, Texas-bred raptress who happens to be Reach Records’ first lady spits about the experience.

It wasn’t easy for the singer, rapper and producer to start her faith journey at a young age. Still, the decision changed her life for he better.

“They be thinking I’m crazy, but look what He did
I gave Him my life, He changed how I live
So yeah, I’m unashamed Romans 1:16
…Saved me at a young age started from the teens, 
now my real-life way better than my dreams.”

It’s made her into the rap phenomenon making her mark on the music industry one song at a time.

“Choosing Christianity at a young age changed my life and music for the better. I’ve discovered that when God fights for you, you move different,” Wande said in a statement  shared with Five:22 Culture. “When you’re on your faith journey, especially when you’re young, it’s hard for people who aren’t on it with you to understand the transformation you’re experiencing. Many people don’t know how powerful making a choice to follow God is.” 

Now that she’s made a name for herself on one of the biggest music labels in CHH, Wande wants to empower other women to be bold in their faith.

“Being on the only female artist on Reach Records and a woman in the male-dominated Christian Hip-Hop genre is not a hindrance, but rather a way to empower more women to be bold and go after their goals,” she said.

Check Wande out in her new music video, “They Didn’t Know II”:

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